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I wish everything was back to normal

Assalamualaikum. It's already one month he left me. And i'm being sucks. I still can't forget him. I do realize that i am so desperate. Ya, i still love him and poke him like usual. But he treat me like rubbish. You know, i would like to move on. But i just can't. I love him so much. What should i do? Sometimes i feel, how terrible i am. Why must i'm wasting my time just waiting for him? There's no use at all. 

Everyday i poke him. Like "hi.." And he's really being an annoying person. Last morning, i poke him like usual, and he said "apaaa?" I was like... whut? Why must you mad? Is it wrong? Tell me, is it wrong? Before we broke up, you told me we can be friend? Then, why you're angry when i say "hi". You're not a heartless person, don't you? I hope you're on my place, so you can realize how much i love you, how much i miss you, how much i need you! Is it too hard to understand me? 

I wasted my time, just thinking bout you. Ya i do. So what? You want to stop me? Go on. But i'm sure you will give up, cause i won't stop loving you. Delete you from my life? How i wish.. I'm pretending like i don't care about you anymore, but deep inside? I did. I really did. Don't you ever think i didn't ty to forget you, i do! But in fact, i still can't forget you. It's easy for you, but it's really hard for me. I tried to find someone better than you, but trust me there's no one can replace you in my heart. You're the best among the best. Dear ex, come back. Let's begin a new life. With me. I'm sorry for everything. I'm so sorry. I love you so much. I really do. I swear to God. I wish everything was back to normal. You and me, get back together and stay forever.

                                                                                   Much Love Ivaniea Shaffiq XOXO