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Im alright

Assalamualaikum. If i say that i've moved on? What do you guise think? Omg i am! And now, i feel really freedom. Yep i do!  I don't need him anymore. I have familly, i have friends. That's enough to make my life happy. I should realize before this. But you know, love is blind. I used to cried. It is all because of him! But now, i'm alright. And yes, i mean it.

I don't need a boyfriend. I just need someone who cares about me, who will always beside me and never give up on me. Yeah, that's it. Before this, i always wish i can delete him from my life forever. I did it! I just can't believe it. Now i've realized, he's always ruining my night. Every night. And i'm not okay with that. He's  a jerk. "You are my everything, and i am your 'nothing'?" Hahahaha that is only in his dream! He is just like my shoes. I step on it everyday. I wish i could just kick his face. Hahaha omg it made my day. Hahahaha kick his face? Dang how i wish! Give me a chance. Pls, just once? Lol me.

You know what? I just hate my previous entry. It makes me so silly. Why the hell i still waiting for him? There's no use at all. Nvm, i'll always pray for him. InsyaAllah he will success in his life. Amin. Do take care of yourself dear my beloved ex. Goodluck on your PMR. Thanks for everything. I will never forget our memories. Forever. I swear :) I want to apologise if i'd hurts your feelings. I'm really sorry. But if you want to know, you're always hurts mine. Note that (: And lastly, i miss  my Roro.